Detail 1000Tablets(10Tab.×100)

Effects of this medicine

This medicine increases bile secretion and thereby improves the bile flow.

This medicine replaces hydrophobic bile acids in the liver, resulting in alleviation of hepatotoxicity.

Moreover, this medicine inhibits cytokine/chemokine production and the infiltration of inflammatory cells into the liver, leading to improvement of liver dysfunction.

In addition to these effects, this medicine provides dissolution of gallstones and improvement of digestion and absorption.

Usually, it is used to treat disease of biliary system and liver disease resulting from bile flow retention, improve dyspepsia after small intestine resection and that in inflammatory disease of small intestine, dissolve cholesterol gallstones, and improve liver function in chlonic liver disease, primary biliary cirrhosis and chronic liver disease due to hepatitis C virus.

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Urso Tablets 50mg 1000Tab

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