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The online shopping site serves users over 16 years old. Consumers under the age of 16 are required to make a transaction with their parents or guardians on our website.


The Primechain online shopping site provides customers with the products of formal contracting organizations and gives their customers the right to guarantee their products and services as their direct customers. It also strives to ensure the accuracy of the product information, changes in price, discounts and incentives, and to be as productive as possible in terms of colours and visibility.


The website will be available 24 hours a day and the order will be delivered to Primechain and delivered. The delivery period of the product shall be made on an advance basis.


The price of the product at Primechain is the price of the VAT included in the shipping price. However, transport costs may vary due to quantity, volume, and quantity of goods.


You can make purchases of products from Primechain online shopping site to make a bank account in Mongolia and international Visa, Master Card, as well as a billing account.


The Primechain online shopping site is delivered through the Mongolian Post and via EMS and other freight forwarding companies. The goods will be exported from Japan via the Post Bank of Japan. In the case of delivery price, the company's service price shall be applied.


When delivering the goods to the dispatching officer, the goods shall be properly handed over to the purchaser and the delivery documents and other accompanying documents are thoroughly inspected. The buyer can receive the VAT invoice by e-mail address registered on the website.


The following terms may be refunded from the Customs website: These include:

- Termination of purchase prior to shipping - Transfer of payment within 100 working days.

- In case of damage the goods /plant, transport, storage/ - Replace additional items for new goods.

- If the goods are in full swing, no breaks or damage to the product, the goods will be re-purchased or repaid within 3 working days. In this case, the buyer will either pay or deduct the delivery cost.