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Effects of this medicine
Following symptoms in persons with poor physical strength who tend to be sensitive to cold, tend to get tired easily, have an anemic tendency, and sometimes complaint lower abdominal pain, heavy head, dizziness, stiff shoulder, ear noise, and/or palpitation: Menstrual irregularity, menstrual disorders, menstrual pain, menopausal disorders, disorders before and after child birth or due to abortion (anemia, fatigue/malaise, dizziness, edema), dizziness, syncope, heavy head, stiff shoulder, lower back pain, over-sensitiveness to cold in the lower half of the body, chilblains, edema, spot of the skin, and ear noise.
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功效:用于体力虚弱、畏寒怕冷且有向、容易疲有下腹疼痛、 沉、眩、肩酸、耳、心悸等症人士的以下各种症状: 、月异常、痛、更年期障碍、后或流引起的不不适(血、疲乏力、眩、浮)、眩或站起 沉、肩酸、腰痛、腰腿畏寒怕冷、冻伤、浮、斑点、耳